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Founder & CEO

Growing up I was a very picky eater. It wasn't until I experienced serious health issues that I looked closely at my diet. I needed a change. In 2007 I left Arkansas and spent a summer living on an organic farm in Costa Rica. During that time I studied with permaculture design experts and world class chefs. My relationship with food dramatically transformed and I felt healthier than ever before. In 2012 I completed a culinary apprenticeship at Circle Yoga Shala where I trained as an Ayurvedic chef. Here I learned to prepare culinary prescriptions for various health conditions. The most important thing I learned on both farms was that healthy food comes from healthy soil, and healthy soil is like well-designed architecture: it takes careful planning and construction. I moved back to Little Rock and began composting and growing produce at home. I wanted to build the urban food community so more people could experience the most powerful medicine: fresh food. In 2013 I began studying at The Clinton School of Public Service where I was awarded a grant from the Clinton Global Initiative University program to start The Urban Food Loop.


Claire Hodgson

Head of Marketing & Communications

Most of my childhood was spent tending to backyard gardens, eating fresh eggs from our family's chicken coop, and learning the importance of a mutual relationship with Nature. For me, the field of urban agriculture was never really a revelation - it was just the way my family put food on the table. Throughout the years I've grown my commitments to sustainability and holistic living, and believe that the small daily decisions we make (like composting our food waste!) really do matter. As the president of my college Campus Environmental Coalition I worked hard to establish recycling on Arkansas Tech University's campus and to educate my peers on environmental issues. After graduating college I began studying at the Clinton School of Public Service, where I focused on learning how to build sustainable local food systems. After a summer working as a branding consultant for a company in Thailand, I came home and put myself to work for The Urban Food Loop, where I look forward to growing the local food community. 


Chris Wyman

Agricultural Consultant

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