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Founder & CEO

Growing up I was a very picky eater. It wasn't until I experienced serious health issues that I looked closely at my diet. I needed a change. In 2007 I left Arkansas and spent a summer living on an organic farm in Costa Rica. During that time I studied with permaculture design experts and world class chefs. My relationship with food dramatically transformed and I felt healthier than ever before. In 2012 I completed a culinary apprenticeship at Circle Yoga Shala where I trained as an Ayurvedic chef. Here I learned to prepare culinary prescriptions for various health conditions. The most important thing I learned on both farms was that healthy food comes from healthy soil, and healthy soil is like well-designed architecture: it takes careful planning and construction. I moved back to Little Rock and began composting and growing produce at home. I wanted to build the urban food community so more people could experience the most powerful medicine: fresh food. In 2013 I began studying at The Clinton School of Public Service where I was awarded a grant from the Clinton Global Initiative University program to start The Urban Food Loop.


Chris Wyman

Agricultural Consultant

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