What can i compost?

Fruit and vegetable scraps, pasta, bread, cereal, coffee grounds, filters, & tea bags, paper towels and paper towel rolls, muffin wrappers, paper plates, egg shells, household plants, shellfish, fish products, leftovers, dairy products, and meat.

what can't i compost?

Plastic of any kind, styrofoam, metal of any kind, candles, corks, gum, cigarette butts, baby wipes, pet waste, dryer lint sheets, vacuum cleaner bags, hair, pet fur, dead animals, fireplace or bbq ashes, glass, pet food, Biobags.

i live in an apartment, can i still compost?

Absolutely! When you sign up be sure that you specify which apartments you live in. We'll give you a call to make sure there's a good place for you to leave your outdoor bin.

Any other questions?

If you have unanswered questions, we're here for you! Shoot us a message and you'll hear back from us soon.